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General 1 Ton 3 Star ASGA12BMWA Split Air Conditioner


Upgrade your home to the latest with this General 1 Ton 3 Star ASGA12BMWA Split Air Conditioner and ensure a pleasant ambience for the ultimate relaxation and comfort. The elaborate design with its Quiet Operation, Self diagnosis promise a complete deal for healthy living. With a rating of 3 stars, this eco-friendly AC consumes less power and saves on energy.


ISEER Star Rating - 3
Tonnage TR 1.0
Power Supply Ph-Hz-V 1-50-230
Running Current A 4.5
Standard Cooling at 100% Capacity W 3,600
Power Consumption at 100% Capacity W 1,010
EER W/W 3.56
Rated ISEER kWh/kWh 3.56
Electricity Consumption per Annum kWh 782
Moisture Removal l/h 1.7
Indoor Airflow Volume-Powerful m3/h 660
Indoor Airflow Distance m 10
Indoor Unit Dimensions(H x W x D) mm 845x289x209
Indoor Unit Net Weight kg 11
Outdoor Unit Dimensions HxWxD mm 540x848x320
Outdoor Unit Net Weight kg 30
Indoor Noise Level (Quiet) dB(A) 28
Outdoor Noise Level dB(A) 48
Connnection Pipe (Gas, Liquid) inch 1/2, 1/4
mm 12.70/6.35
Pipe Length Min~Max (Precharged) m 3~20(7.5)
Max Height Difference m 10
Max Operating Temperature °C 48°C
Refrigerant Type Non-CFC R32
Compressor Type - Rotary