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Mitsubishi DXK 37 CSS - S6 Desert Xtreme Cooling Hybrid Plus Split AC

Product Specification

Type Split AC
Brand Mitsubishi
Compressor Type Super Topical - Returned Cooled Rotary
Refrigerant R410A
Power Source 1 Phase, 220 / 230 V, 50Hz
Condition New
Indoor Unit Sound Level 38 / 34 / 31 db (H/M/L)
Indoor Unit Weight 9.5 Kgs
Outdoor Unit Weight 34 Kgs
Unit Model DXK 37 CSS - S6
Indoor Unit Model DXK 37 CSS - S6
Outdoor Unit Model DXC 37 CSS - S6
BEE Star Rating 5 STAR
Maximum Cooling Capacity In Ton 1.12 Ton
Maximum Cooling Capacity In Watts 3957 Watts
Maximum Cooling Capacity 13500 BTU / h
Maximum EER Per COP 3.96 W / w
BEE Rated Cooling Capacity In Ton 1.1 Ton
BEE Rated Cooling Capacity In W 3600 W
BEE Rated Cooling Capacity 12283 BTU / h
Input Power 700 ~ 1000 Watts (Minimum ~ Maximum)
BEE Rated EER Per COP 3.60 W / w
Current 4.0 ~ 4.7 A (Maximum ~ Minimum)
Dimension Indoor Unit 368 x 790 x 213 mm (H x W x D)
Dimension Outdoor Unit 595 x 780 (+62) x 290 mm (H x W x D)
Indoor Unit Air Flow 750 M Qube / hr (CMH)
Indoor Unit Long Reach Air Flow Upto 20 Feet
Indoor Unit Special Filter Enzyme + Solor + Anti Bacterial Filter
Indoor Unit Blower Fan Anti - Micro Bial
Indoor Unit DC Fan Moter Speed AUTO / Power Ful / High / Med / Low
Indoor Unit Refrigerant Injection in Coil 4 Point - Multi Port
Refrigerant Piping Liquid Line 6.35 mm ( 1/4" )
Refrigerant Piping GasLine 12.7 mm ( 1/2" )
Main Power Supply to Outdoor Unit 2.5 mm2 x 3 core ( Including earthing cable )
Connecting Wiring 1.5 mm2 x 3 core (earthing cable) B/w IDU & ODU
Area coverage 129 ~ 172 Sq.Feet

Product Description

Presenting World's Highest Energy Efficient 5 Star Rated Hybrid Split AC & Hyper Inverter Split AC For Luxurious Living With Electricity Saving Up To 65% for World Class Comfort.
Hybird AC gives 1.5 times bigger area coverage compared to Conventional AC & still gives electricity savings upto 47%.
High Capacity Machines- We have designed the machines using higher capacity compressor + Bigger Condensor Unit for
maximum, heat rejection for better cooling & higher energy efficiency, thereby we claim for
Machine Capacities.
Self Diagnosis Function- In the case, when air conditioner malfunction, an internal Micro- Computer Automatically runs
Self Diagnosis Function. The Self Diagnosis function displays the flashing lights on the indoor unit
and the User is able to identify the problem by referring the user's manual troubleshooting table
and inform the problem.

  • Desert Xtreme
  • High Capacity Machine
  • Electricity Saving UPTO 47%
  • Increase Your Comfort Long Reach Air Flow Function
  • Self Clean Operation
  • Self Diagnostic, 100% Copper
  • UPTO 80 M Longer Refrigerant Pipe Length
  •  * Cooling Capacity is derived Maximum during evening & night when the temperature is less than 35 Degree C
  • ** Under Standard Installation & Lab Test Condition
  • *** Check for design condition and corresponding parameters like roof / window exposed to direction sunlight, of the area to be air - conditioned. Because of our policy of continuous improvement, we reserve the right to make changes in all specifications without any prior notice